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Grants for Research Networks from The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities, June 2016

The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities awards 4 Research Networks to the sum of approximately DKK 3,8 million. The grant recipients are listed below.

The grants are awarded within the framework of the Danish Council for Independent Research’s E2015 and F2016 call with the aim of strengthening research areas which are geographically and institutionally scattered and supporting networks which could lead to larger projects or larger interdisciplinary groups of researchers working across institutions.

Grant and rejection letters will be forwarded as soon as possible.

Please be advised that the Council cannot be held responsible for printing errors and reserves the right to make budgetary adjustments.


Project Title: Aesthetics Unlimited
Grant Recipient: Anne Elisabeth Sejten
Place of Employment: Roskilde University
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,007,384

Project Title: TAKE PART Forskningsnetværk om kulturel deltagelse
Grant Recipient: Birgit Lene Eriksson
Place of Employment: Aarhus University
Awarded Amount: DKK 946,283

Project Title: Cassius Dio: Between History and Politics
Grant Recipient: Jesper Majbom Madsen
Place of Employment: University of Southern Denmark
Awarded Amount: DKK 883,152

Project Title: Helping Hands. Research Network on the Everyday Border Work of European Citizens
Grant Recipient: Marie Klara Sandberg Rasmussen
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,003,475

Project Title: Network for the Study of Humanitarian Culture
Grant Recipient: Devika Sharma
Place of Employment: Copenhagen University
Awarded Amount: DKK 983,789

Projck Ttitle: Sociolinguistics, Diversity and Action (SODIAC)
Grant Recipient: Lian Malai Madsen
Place of Employment: University of Copenhagen
Awarded Amount: DKK 1,007,945

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