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PhD grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research

The Danish Council for Independent Research awards 8 PhD grants for a total sum of DKK 20.5 million to young research talents affiliated with other institutions than the universities.

The purpose of the PhD grants is to strengthen the education of researchers at public institutions in Denmark outside of universities and to provide younger researchers the best possible conditions for starting a research career.

Grant and rejection letters will be forwarded to all applicants as soon as possible.

Please be advised that the Council cannot be held responsible for printing errors and reserves the right to make adjustments.

Project Title: The role of interactions between Nordic peacekeepers and local elites in implementing 'civil' peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1995 and 2004
Grant Recipient: Jakob Brink Rasmussen
Place of Employment: Royal Danish Defense College
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,313,624

Project Title: Weakness in Architecture; Changing Spatial Environments and Tectonics
Grant Recipient: Karianne Halse
Place of Employment: Aarhus School of Architecture
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,394,037

Project Title: Securing investments in extractive spaces: the case of coal in Colombia
Grant Recipient: Line Jespersgaard Jakobsen
Place of Employment: DIIS, Danish Institute for International Studies
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,575,130

Project Title: Long-term variability in the warm currents of the North Atlantic Ocean
Grant Recipient: Line Skøtt Nicolaisen
Place of Employment: GEUS, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,481,120 / WITHDRAWN

Project Title: Preferences for universal health care coverage: the mechanisms of altruistic preferences in a welfare state
Grant Recipient: Lise Desiree Andreasen
Place of Employment: KORA, Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,845,842

Project Title: A Hybrid Identity: Personal Experience as a Professional Tool
Grant Recipient: Malene Lue Kessing
Place of Employment: SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,402,091

Project Title: Metabolic and Transcriptomic Profiling of Women with Postpartum Depression
Grant Recipient: Marie-Louise Hee Rasmussen
Place of Employment: Statens Serum Institut
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,776,860

Project Title: Luftforurening i magasiner: Konsekvenser for resourceforbrug, luftkvalitet og bevaring af kulturarv
Grant Recipient: Signe Hjerrild Smedemark
Place of Employment: KADK, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,753,106

Project Title: From preschool child to pupil - On opportunities and difficulties for children in the transition from kindergarten to leisure and schools 
Grant Recipient: Kira Saabye Christensen
Place of Employment: University College Capital 
Awarded Amount: DKK 2,247,697


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last modified August 15, 2019