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Grants from International Network Programme 2020

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science has awarded grants for the 12th Call for International Network Programme 53 applications has been awarded a total of approximately 13,3 million DKK.

The aim of the programme is to give researchers an opportunity to build the foundation for future cooperation and to explore new research partnerships of a poten-tially high value. The programme supports initiatives bringing together scientists and companies in Denmark and the selected countries, namely China (incl. Hong Kong), India, Israel , Japan, USA, Brazil, South Africa and the Republic of Korea. For applications with an Arctic focus, partner countries may also include Canada, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and/or the Faroe Islands.

Grant letters and rejection letters has been send to all applicants via E-grant. Rejection letters includes a short reason for rejection. The total applied sum was app. DKK 21,5 million.

A total of 53 grants to a sum of app. DKK 13,3 million has been awarded to the following projects, with reservations for errors.


Project title: Spatial modelling of the Rice Swarming Caterpillar
Receiver of grant: Professor Christian Frølund Damgaard
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 201.245

Project title: Individualised treatment of chronic pancreatitis based on the pain phenotype
Receiver of grant: Consultant Asbjørn Mohr Drewes
Institution: Region Nordjylland 
Amount granted: kr. 193.874

Project title: Development of Solar PVT Panels Appropriate for Co-supply of Electricity Grids and District Heating 
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Ahmad Arabkoohsar
Institution: Aalborg Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: High-performance Computing Hybrid Testbed for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Ying Yan
Institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 250.474

Project title: The taste of sustainability
Receiver of grant: Professor Klaus Günter Grunert
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 211.795

Project title: Advanced desiccant materials for energy-efficient cooling and dehumidification
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Menghao Qin
Institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: High Efficient Power Electronics Conversion
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Ziwei Ouyang
Institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Danish-Israeli Project on Virtual International Teams Research Network (DANIS POVIT)
Receiver of grant: Professor Marin Marinov
Institution: Aalborg Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 230.400

Project title: Exploitation of urban farming for cost-effective and climate-smart production of fruits and vegetables
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Bhim Bahadur Ghaley
Institution: KU- SCIENCE
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Smart product development and production
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Fei Yu
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 286.856

Project title: Radical Politics Beyond or Through Representative Institutions?
Receiver of grant: Lektor Lasse Arnt Thomassen
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 274.969

Project title: International Network for a Deterministic Approach towards Reliability
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Ramkrishan Maheshwari
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 140.836

Project title: The Polar Code and Maritime Safety: International Network on Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Health and Safety in Arctic Shipping
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Dewan Ali Ahsan
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Metasurface-Decorated Silicon Photonics for Quantum Applications
Receiver of grant: Professor Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Future marine ecosystem: fate, direction and mitigation
Receiver of grant: Senior researcher Hans Henrik Jakobsen
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 269.765

Project title: Data driven optimal operation of integrated energy system under uncertainty
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Qiuwei Wu
Institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 285.408

Project title: Self-Governing Areas in the Arctic with Special Reference to Similarities and Differences between the Danish Federacy and Areas in Canada, Norway and Russia
Receiver of grant: Professor Henrik Larsen
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 287.349

Project title: Mineral dust in a changing arctic and its links to future sustainable mining
Receiver of grant: Specialkonsulent Lars Christian Juncher Jørgensen
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 208.245

Project title: From Sustainable Entrepreneurship to a Sustainable Society
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Simon Fietze
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 286.687

Project title: Development of fibrosis in Retinal Disease
Receiver of grant: Professor Torben Lykke Sørensen
Institution: Sjællands Universitetshospital
Amount granted: kr. 131.254

Project title: Denmark/China Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Research Collaboration
Receiver of grant: Senior Associate Professor Anette Boye Koch
Institution: Professionshøjskolen VIA University College
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Complexity science for the study of the human past
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Tom Annie P Brughmans
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 287.942

Project title: Denmark-Japan exploratory network on the molecular organization of living systems
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Franciscus Alfonsus Albertus Mulder
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Precision assembly and manufacturing and human-robot interaction in Industry 4.0
Receiver of grant: Professor Henrik Gordon Petersen
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 287.640

Project title: Airborne transmission of infectious diseases: mechanism and ventilation intervention measures
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Chen Zhang
Institution: Aalborg Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 158.126

Project title: The politics of hidden infrastructures: Exploring the submarine data cable network
Receiver of grant: Professor Christian Bueger
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 287.781

Project title: Water Quality Monitoring and Treatment to Improve Sustainable Aquaculture Production
Receiver of grant: Professor Jeppe Lund Nielsen
Institution: Aalborg Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 287.965

Project title: Bilateral Research Networking in Customizable Collaborative Industrial Robots for SME Manufacturing
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Xuping Zhang
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 287.389

Project title: 2D van der Waals heterostructures for optoelectronic applications
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Sanshui Xiao
Institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 257.760

Project title: Action plan for consortium on bioassays of environmental exposures in human populations
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Bjarne Styrishave
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Fusing big and small data: developing methods for measuring and minimizing information loss in complex data
Receiver of grant: Professor Claus Thorn Ekstrøm
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 270.648

Project title: Increasing yield and biomass of crop plants by modulating shoot branching
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Stephan Wenkel
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Money in Politics Conference
Receiver of grant: Professor Mogens Kamp Justesen
Institution: Copenhagen Business School
Amount granted: kr. 285.120

Project title: Visualization of brain blood flow reorganization during stroke treatment in mice
Receiver of grant: Professor Hajime Hirase
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 258.198

Project title: Traffic as a Mutually Adaptive System: Interdisciplinary Understanding of the System Characteristics of Traffic
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Kristian Mortensen
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 282.307

Project title: Robots, AI, and IoT  (RAIOT) in Business School Research & Curriculum
Receiver of grant: Professor Kim Normann Andersen
Institution: Copenhagen Business School
Amount granted: kr. 287.997

Project title: Improving prenatal diagnostics and Down syndrome lives. An Aarhus University / Harvard University collaboration
Receiver of grant: Clinical professor Ida Vogel
Institution: Aarhus University Hospital
Amount granted: kr. 127.198

Project title: When remote sensing and machine learning meet in built environment stock characterization: A Sino-Danish network for urban sustainability
Receiver of grant: Professor Gang Liu
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 287.755

Project title: Innovative solutions for global animal health in an era of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Tina Dalgaard
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 284.400

Project title: Understanding malaria pathogenicity.
Receiver of grant: Professor Anja Tatiana Ramstedt Jensen
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 183.254

Project title: Research partnership - All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Karen Louise Thomsen
Institution: Region Midtjylland
Amount granted: kr. 123.470

Project title: US/DK liquefaction network
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Thomas Helmer Pedersen
Institution: Aalborg Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Functional peptide assembly - from mechanistic understanding to design
Receiver of grant: Professor Alexander Buell
Institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 72.670

Project title: Deep Learning in advanced ECG analysis
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Jørgen Kim Kanters
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 288.000

Project title: Lean Accounting and Control in Industry 4.0 for Learning and Strategic Cost Management
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Daniela Maresch
Institution: Syddansk Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 280.097

Project title: Bilateral collaboration on artificial biology
Receiver of grant: Associate professor Alexander Zelikin
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 279.769

Project title: Content Moderation Assemblages: Filtering Glocal Communities (FILTER)
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Nanna Bonde Thylstrup
Institution: Copenhagen Business School
Amount granted: kr. 209.421

Project title: Historical Notions of Privacy in Latin America
Receiver of grant: Professor Mette Birkedal Bruun
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 224.018

Project title: Advancing developmental biology - combining cutting-edge techniques & non-model organisms
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Katrine Worsaae
Institution: Københavns Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 270.573

Project title: Global Ports and Shipping
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Annette Skovsted Hansen
Institution: Aarhus Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 284.239

Project title: Collaborative Research Network on New Testing Concepts for Power Electronics
Receiver of grant: Professor Huai Wang
Institution: Aalborg Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 283.461

Project title: Seoul Copenhagen Oncology Research evolution (SCORE)
Receiver of grant: Professor Kjeld Schmiegelow
Institution: Region Hovedstaden
Amount granted: kr. 195.072

Project title: Mobilizing for Democracy: People, Borders and Imagination
Receiver of grant: Associate Professor Oscar Garcia Agustin
Institution: Aalborg Universitet
Amount granted: kr. 277.546


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