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SPIR grant 2012 within the Bio Based Economy - Bio-Value

Bio-Value – Strategic platform for innovation and research on value added products from biomass

The platform

Title: Bio-Value – Value added products from biomass
Grant holder: University of Copenhagen
Contact: Jan K. Schjørring, cell: 23 71 00 02

Total grant: DKK 79.5 million
Total budget: DKK 151.5 million
Research training: 14 PhDs and 15 postdocs
Period: 2013-18


University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, AgroTech, INBIOM, Knowledge centre for Agriculture, Arla, DLG Group (VitaLys, Sejet Plant Breeding, Kongskilde), Rockwool, Novozymes, Haldor Topsøe, Borregaard AS, KMC A.m.b.a, Hamlet Protein.


Biomass is a renewable resource with a great potential for securing a sustainable future.

A central pillar in the future bio based economy is bio refining, which involves processing of biomass into a spectrum of value-added products such as chemicals, fuels, feed and food products. This research platform addresses the scientific and technological challenges associated with development of sustainable bio refinery solutions. The idea behind the Bio-Value SPIR is to establish a strong strategic platform for innovation and research on value-added products from biomass. This will be achieved by assembly of a consortium of major universities, companies and technology organizations (GTS and Innovation Networks). The research and innovation activities will deliver the science and technologies required for exploration and upgrading of all components in biomass, turning these into products that are commercially and sustainably viable.

The initiative differs from other initiative by focusing on the entire value chain from sustainable biomass production, separation and conversion to ready products. The strategic platform is on all levels based on a close link between research and innovation which creates the framework for new skill development and fast commercializing. The goal is to secure Denmark a global role in the lead on sustainable bio refinement technologies and solutions pointed towards the bio-based economy of tomorrow.

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last modified Aug 14, 2019