Denmark - Brazil

Brazils growing economy is focused on research and technology. Being a huge producer of food, there is a large potential in Brazil for synergy with Danish actors. For this reason the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has an innovation centre in São Paulo and an MoU on science cooperation.

Brazil –  a growth centre of the world

With a rapidly increasing wealthy middleclass, a developed research and technology sector, and an increasing international political influence it is important with increasing Danish initiatives in Brazil. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has stationed an innovation attaché in São Paulo in south east Brazil – a research and business hot-spot. The attaché supports Danish researchers and companies with network and access to the best research and innovation environments in Brazil.

Memorandum of Understanding

UFM's efforts to promote Danish-Brazilian research and education cooperation in Brazil are supported by a MoU, which the then Minister of Science concluded with his Brazilian colleague on February 17, 2011.

Danish participation in the Brazilian mobility programme Science without Borders

In September 2012 the eight Danish universities signed an agreement on participation in the Brazilian government's mobility programme 'Science without Borders'. In accordance with the agreement the Danish universities offer to accept a large number of Brazilian PhD students and postdocs with the purpose of valuable knowledge exchange and possible retention. A website for the universities to advertise vacant positions directed at Brazilian PhD students and postdocs has been made. It is administered by Danish Universities.

Strengthen cooperation within energy and environment

Brazilian-Danish cooperation within food sciences has great potential because it is an area where both countries have strong competences and commercial strengths. In a long perspective it is the plan to focus on other areas for example energy and environment where Denmark can benefit from the knowledge Brazilian scientists have due to Brazil's position as a world leader in bio-ethanol.

last modified Jul 12, 2019