Denmark – USA

Denmark and USA have a long tradition for cooperation – also within research and innovation, but there is potential for an even stronger cooperation. The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) works on achieving this.

USA – a country primed for cooperation

USA is not only the world's largest economy, but also a beacon when it comes to research and innovation. The main part of the world's most prominent universities and research institutions are American.

At the same time USA has a long tradition for research and research funding – and has a system that is similar to the Danish in regards to the criteria for funding, including a strong focus on excellence, where national research councils and agencies, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Health (NIH), have long experience with and strong competences within the administration of research grants.

American benefits

There are many advantages to working with USA. The political and research purposes of a closer research and innovation cooperation with USA are to strengthen the already strong ties between Denmark and USA and improving Danish researchers' and companies' access to the newest knowledge from the best American research environments.

Furthermore, it is a goal to contribute to a higher degree of exchange of researchers and knowledge between Danish and American research environments and to participate in research networks.

Bilateral agreement on research cooperation between Denmark and USA

In 2009 a bilateral agreement on cooperation in research between USA and Denmark was signed. As stated in the agreement a Joint Committee with prominent members of Danish and American scientists was established. The Committee held its first meeting in June 2010 in Copenhagen.

DASTI has frequent meetings with the American Embassy in which the two parts keep each other informed about the developments within the area of research and innovation in the two countries.

The establishment of Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley

In June 2006 Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley was opened. Silicon Valley was chosen ahead of other locations in USA, because of the area's unique environment for research, innovation, and synergy of venture capital and entrepreneurs.

The centre was established by the Export Council, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. The focus of the centre is traditional Silicon Valley strongholds such as ICT, life sciences, sustainable energy and related areas such as design and education.

Through the Innovation Centre, DASTI has supported the establishment of Danish-Californian research networks, e.g. the partnerships within Food & Health and Synthetic Biology.

These partnerships have resulted in joint conferences, workshops, seminars, exchanges, joint applications and publications.

Membership of research networks – CITRIS and SUNCAT

Through the Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley, DASTI has engaged in partnerships with the research networks SUNCAT at Stanford University and CITRIS at UC Berkeley. The programmes give researchers access to elite universities in California.

last modified Dec 03, 2015