Denmark – India

India is the world's most populous democracy with a young population and big challenges. The bilateral cooperation between Denmark and India focuses on research collaboration within bio-tech, as well as marketing of Danish educations and innovative solutions.
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As part of a visiting delegation in October 2004 the then Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education and his Indian Colleague signed a bilateral cooperation agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) on research and innovation activities within the field of biotech.

Memorandum of understanding

The primary purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to facilitate and support the possibilities for research collaboration between Denmark and India within biotech – an area where both countries are strong and has big potential.

The cooperating authorities are The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education and The Department of Biotechnology at the Ministry of Science and Technology in India.

Indian-Danish steering group

From Danish side a steering group was assembled who is responsible for deciding the strategy and ensure progress within the area of cooperation. Instated in the Memorandum of Understanding the steering group’s task is also to facilitate concrete cooperation in research and development projects, exchange of students and scientist and business potential for Danish enterprises. The steering group is supported by a secretariat the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, which also is responsible for initiating concrete activities.

The Steering Group

  • Mogens Hørder, Dean, University of Southern Denmark (Danish Coordinator)
  • Egon Bech Hansen, CSO, Danisco
  • Lene Lange, Associate Dean of Research, Aalborg University
  • Jesper Wengel, Professor, Institute for Physics and Chemistry, University of Southern Denmark
  • Torben Greve, Provost for Research, University of Copenhagen
  • Representative from the Ministry of Science

Supported by the Steering Group several Indian-Danish biotech research groups has strengthened their network and initiated research projects. During its existence the Danish steering group has for example supported the establishment of Danish-Indian research projects by allocating funds for travelling and arranging Indian-Danish workshops – latest within the academic fields of stem- cells and nutritional sciences. Furthermore, the Steering Group has granted a number of ScoutIndia stipends with the purpose of exchanging Danish and Indian researchers that can find potential collaborating partners and establish relevant contacts.

Innovation Centre New Delhi

In 2013 the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education established an innovation centre in New Delhi.

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