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About the agency

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science is an agency in the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and handles tasks within preparation and administration of grants for research, higher education and research-based innovation, as well as the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science was established on 1 October 2020 and work in close cooperation with higher education institutions and other relevant players, emphasising a robust professionalism in all areas.

Tasks of the Agency

At the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, we undertake academic and administrative tasks that support the further development of Danish research, research-based innovation and ongoing quality development in higher education, also drawing on excellent international connections both in research and education.  

The Agency holds the main responsibility for institutions within the remit of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. This responsibility is grounded in an ongoing dialogue, and covers the administration and implementation of grants and subsidies to the institutions, as well as other matters.

The Agency is responsible for the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme, including the general educational grant ('SU') and the state adult educational grant ('SVU'), plus a number of other special support schemes for applicants for places in higher education. The Agency is also responsible for operation and development of 'SU' systems, study administrative IT systems, etc.

Finally, the Agency is responsible for the Coordinated Admission System (KOT) and is the Danish Space Authority.

Institutions and actors under the Ministry of Education and Research are:

  • Universities
  • University Colleges
  • Business Academies
  • Higher Education Institutions within the Fine Arts
  • Maritime Educational Institutions
  • Public research foundations (Innovation Fund Denmark, Independent Research Fund Denmark and the Danish National Research Foundation)
  • GTS institutes (seven Danish Research and Technology Organisations), research hubs, etc.
  • Some minor state institutions: The Danish Accreditation Institution, Study and Career Guidance Denmark, Student Counselling Service and Danish Decommissioning

The structure of the organisation

As an organisation, the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science has an executive board of five. Mikkel Leihardt is the Director. The Agency consists of four main professional areas, each with its own deputy director:

  • Higher Education Programmes and International Mobility (NN )
  • Research and Research-Based Innovation (Annemarie Falktoft)
  • Data, Legal Affairs and Financial Management (Niels C. Beier)
  • SU, IT systems and Digitalisation (Sine Søgaard Jeppesen)

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