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The Department

Organisation chart for the Department (Permanent Secretary's Department).

Organisation chart for the Department (Permanent Secretary's Department)

Description of the organisation chart for the Departement


Christina Egelund

Permanent Secretary

Hanne Meldgaard


Director Generals Nils Agerhus, Janus Breck and Julie Lungholt

Centre for Coordination and Communication

Minister's Private Office and Executive Secretariat

Head of Division Karen Agnete Harild

Press Unit

Head of Division Peter Parbo

Strategic Development Secretariat

Head of Division Ditte Fruelund Christensen

Centre for Research and Innovation Policy, Legal Affairs and International Relations

Centre for Research, Innovation and International Relations

Heads of Division Maria Ulff-Møller, Louise Berth Andersen and Martha Brenfors

Legal Affairs

Head of Division Søren Langelund Klit

Centre for Education Policy and Welfare

Heads of Division Dina Bloch and Linda Kirketoft Hansen

Centre for Finance and Analysis


Head of Division Anders Boye Jacobsen


Head of Division Damoun Ashournia

Centre for HR

Head of Division Maja Pelzl Löhr

last modified September 01, 2023