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The Danish Council for Strategic Research seeks to ensure that strategic research in Denmark is organised to meet the challenges facing Danish society. The aim is to ensure Denmark’s position as a global frontrunner regarding welfare, wealth and science in the short and long term.
Strategic Research Funds 2014

In 2014 The Danish Council for Strategic Research awards research funds for DKK 850 million to meet significant and complex challenges facing Danish society.

Annual Report 2013/2014

The report marks the tenth anniversary of the council and the upcoming transition to The Danish National Innovation Foundation 1 April 2014.

Annual Conference 2014

Strategic Research Awards and Information meetings March the 10th

Videos about Research Centres

The Council has produced 10 short videos about Strategic Research Centres funded by the Council.

Interview with Peter Olesen

Peter Olesen, chair of the board, talks about strategic research strategies.

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