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Complaints regarding associate and senior associate lecturer assessments

The Agency processes personal data when processing complaint cases regarding associate lecturer assessments

The Agency is responsible for handling complaint cases regarding associate lecturer assessments made by an assessment committee. As part of the case handling, the Agency processes personal data.

Purpose and legal basis

The purpose of processing personal data in complaint cases regarding associate lecturer assessments is for the Agency to be able to make a final ruling in the case.

The legal basis of the processing follows from section 16 in the Ministerial Order on Qualification of Lecturers for Appointment as Associate Lecturer, Associate Lecturer Assessment and Senior Associate Lecturer Assessment at Business Academies, University Colleges, the Danish School of Media and Journalism and Certain Maritime Educational Institutions.

Categories of registered individuals

The Agency processes personal data about the complainant. Depending on the specific case, the Agency may also process data about other people, for instance a representative of the complainant.

Categories of personal data

The Agency processes contact information about the complainant as part of the case handling. Depending on the specific case, the Agency might also process other types of personal data. For instance this could be the civil registration number of the complainant and place of employment and so on.

Exceptionally, the Agency might also process special categories of personal data. For instance, this could be data concerning the health of the complainant. The Agency will usually only process this type of data if it follows from the complaint itself.

Transfers of personal data

The Agency will usually transfer personal data to the complainants place of employment (which has appointed the assessment committee) and the assessment committee, for the purpose of examining the case. 

From where does the personal data originate?

The personal data usually originates from the complainant or from the complainants place of employment.

Storage of personal data

Documents with personal data are filed in accordance with the rules set forth in the Access to Public Administration Files Act and is handed to the authorities in charge of storage in accordance with the Archives Act (approximately every 5 years). After the data has been handed to the authorities in charge of archiving, the Ministry will keep a copy of the data for approximately 5 years depending on the simultaneous archive period. Hereafter, the Ministry deletes the data.

last modified Oct 26, 2020