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Consultations on drafts of legal provisions, etc.

The Ministry processes personal data concerning consultations on drafts of legal provisions, etc.

The Ministry will regularly send drafts for legal provisions, ministerial orders, guides, etc. to a consultation process. When the Ministry receives statements from the consultation process, it involves the processing of personal data. Typically, this will be the contact information of the individual who submitted a consultation statement.

Purpose and legal basis

The purpose of processing personal data when it comes to consultations is to be able to process and assess the consultation statements and then be able to decide if a statement gives cause to change a draft for a legal provision, ministerial order or guide, etc.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data as a part of the Ministry’s legal work, etc. is in many cases the General Data Protection Regulation article 6(1)(e), which states that the Ministry can process standard personal data when it is necessary in order for the Ministry to be able to carry out its tasks.

Categories of registered individuals

The Ministry processes data on individuals who have signed the consultation statement on behalf of an institution, organisation or similar. Personal data about private individuals may also be processed if they submitted a consultation statement.

Categories of personal data

The Ministry processes contact information and information about the job title of the individual who signed the consultation statement on behalf of an institution, organisation, etc., or on his/her own behalf. Depending on the circumstances, other types of personal data might be present. It will often be standard data, but in some cases, special categories of personal data might be present if such data is part of the consultation statement.

Forwarding of personal data

In some cases the Ministry will forward personal data to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education or the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants in order for the agencies to contribute to the work on legal provisions, etc.

In general, the Ministry will forward all of the consultation statements received on the bill to the Parliament, which publishes the consultation statements on the Parliament’s website along with an outline of the processing of the bill in Parliament. Furthermore, the consultation statements will be published on Høringsportalen.

From where does the personal data come originate?

The personal data originates from the consultation statements received.

Storage of personal data

Documents with personal data are filed in accordance with the rules set forth in the Access to Public Administration Files Act and is handed to the authorities in charge of storage in accordance with the Archives Act (approximately every 5 years). The Ministry will hand the data to the authorities in charge of archiving, but the Ministry will keep a copy of the data for approximately 5 years depending on the required period for filing. Hereafter, the Ministry deletes the data.

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