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Statistical surveys

The Ministry processes personal data when conducting statistical surveys.

The Ministry conducts statistical surveys on subjects within the Ministry’s area. As a part of those surveys, personal data will be processed. Personal data is often pseudonymous so the individual cannot be identified during the surveys.

Purpose and legal basis

The purpose of processing personal data is to be able to carry out statistical surveys on a given subject. The legal basis to process personal data as a part of statistical surveys are the General Data Protection Regulation article 6(1)(e), and the Data Protection Act section 10. In some cases the legal basis is the General Data Protection Regulation article 6(1)(a), on consent.

Categories of registered individuals

The Ministry processes personal data on many different categories of people including employees of educational institutions, students, etc.

Categories of personal data

The Ministry processes different types of data as a part of the statistical surveys e.g. data related to education. In most cases, it is standard data, but the Ministry can also process special categories of personal data.

Forwarding of personal data

In some cases, the Ministry will forward personal data to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education or to the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants as a part of the survey. Please note that it is possible to contact the data protection officer for the agencies as mentioned in “general information”.

From where does the personal data originate?

The personal data can originate from different sources such as the registered individual, from the educational institution or from Statistics Denmark.

Storage of personal data

The period of time, for which the personal data is stored, depends on the purpose of the specific survey. Data is deleted as soon as possible without hindering the purpose of the survey.

The right to withdraw consent

When the processing is based on consent from the registered individual, the consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Ministry. If the consent is withdrawn, it will not affect the legality of the processing of personal data up to, and until the point of, the withdrawal of consent.

last modified Oct 01, 2018