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Information about the survey

As a student you have important knowledge about the course you are studying. By participating in the Learning Questionnaire, you have made your voice heard, and you can help improve the education.

In the Learning Questionnaire, we ask about how you experience the teaching and learning environment, and how you study. Over 50.000 students have answered the survey. Thank you! The results will be used by the institutions and for distributing a minor part of the funding for the institutions in 2023.

Data protection

Read about what you are giving your consent to, and how we treat your personal information. 


What will the results be used for, where did we get your email address from and who will receive the survey?

* Information about the shown questionnaire

In the questionnaire are items from the Learning Questionnaire (item 1-50), items about the study environment that are only sent to some students (item 51-62) and items for Uddannelseszoom (item 63-84). In addition, the institutions have had the opportunity to add institution-specific questions. These are not shown in the pdf file. All students receive Uddannelseszoom, while half receive the Learning questionnaire.

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last modified June 14, 2019