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Unaccredited/non-recognised institutions

Read about certain unaccredited institutions and about the use of the university title, which is restricted in Denmark.

A few private companies operating on the Internet and located in Denmark present or have presented themselves as higher education institutions even though they are not publicly recognised as educational institutions and the degrees or other titles they offer do not correspond to any qualification within the Danish education system. This applies to "International Business School of Scandinavia", "Knightsbridge University", "Green Hills University", "The Arab Academy in Denmark” / ”The Arab Open Academy in Denmark" / "Arab Open University", "Northwestern International University, Ltd.", and "Aalborg Academy of Science", and it may also apply to other companies.

The university title is protected

In Denmark, the title of "universitet", the equivalent term in other languages and their abbreviations may be used only by universities under the Universities Act and by institutions authorised to use the title under other Danish legislation. Some educational and research institutions that are recognised by foreign law or international law, etc., are not covered by the ban.

The ban applies only where the term university is part of an institution's title or name, etc. and the institution is engaged in activities that are likely to be confused with education and university activities. For example, the ban will not affect a café with the name "University Café".

The protection of the university title is laid down in the University Act (section 33 a), which is administered by the Danish University and Property Agency.

This provision entered into force on 1 July 2010. However, institutions that were using the term university, etc., on 1 July 2010 and that are covered by the ban must cease using the term by 1 July 2015.

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