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Master degree (adult/continuing higher education)

Adults who have already completed higher education and wish to continue their studies can start on a Master Programme.

Master degree

The Master degree (mastergrad) is a research based second cycle degree at university level. The degree is awarded after 2 years of part-time studies corresponding to a full academic year of 60 ECTS. In certain cases the degree corresponds to 90 ECTS, and is thus awarded after 3 years of part-time studies.

Master degrees are offered by the eight Danish research universities and a few additional university level institutions. The individual Master degree programmes are arranged so that it is possible to maintain employment while studying.

All Master degree programmes in Denmark are tuition fee based.

Entry requirements are a relevant educational qualification at bachelor's level or higher and at least 2 years of relevant work experience.

Degree titles

The degree titles are:

  • Danish: Master i [field of study]
  • English: Master of [field of study]

Wide range of disciplines  

Master degrees are offered in a wide range of disciplines.

The different disciplines include IT and technology, management and organisation, pedagogy, music, design, language and communication, health and medicine.

An overview of the different Master degrees offered in English and information about tuition fees can be found at UddannelsesGuiden 

Information on Bachelor and Master's (candidatus) degrees offered at the Danish universities can be found here

Study in Denmark

The official webside Study in Denmark provides extensive information on Danish higher education, different study options and living in Denmark.

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last modified December 08, 2021