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Academy profession programmes

Academy profession programmes are professionally oriented, qualifying higher education programmes.

Academy profession programmes are awarded normally after 2 years and are equivalent to the first 2 years of a bachelor degree. Academy profession programmes combine theoretical studies with a practically oriented approach in form of mandatory work placement. Academy profession programmes are oriented towards specific professions or job functions. Most programmes are awarded after 120 ECTS.

There are approximately 27 vocational academy profession programmes. Academy profession programmes exist in the following fields:

Business and Economics,Technology, Information technology, Laboratory technology, Social sciences, Design and Healthcare.

Most of the academy profession programmes are offered at the academies of professional higher education. Students who have passed an academy profession programme can continue in a top-up bachelor programme.

The academy profession programmes provide the graduates with knowledge and understanding of practice within the field of applied theory and methodology to a level that qualifies the students to independently analyse and assess problems as well as perform practice-oriented business functions. Furthermore, the education programme qualifies the student for relevant further education.

Admission requirements

General access requirements are general upper secondary education or relevant vocational education and training, supplemented by adequate general upper secondary courses (e.g. maths, physics, English).

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last modified January 18, 2022