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About the maritime educational institutions

Maritime training and education in Denmark is under the management and control of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science – Danish Agency for Higher Education.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science – Agency for Higher Education –  is responsible for all maritime training and education as well as training ships. For the educations of Ratings and Officers (Deck and Engine), the relevant institutions comprise:

Five Marine Engineer Colleges:

One Maritime Education Centre for Ship’s Officers (Single and Dual purpose Deck and Engine Officers):

Two Nautical Colleges:

Two Schools and two Sailing Training Vessels for Ordinary Ratings:

One School for Commercial Fishermen:

Important maritime education issues pass through the Maritime Education Council, the members of which are representatives of ship owners and seafarers associations, lecturers and student organisations, the Royal Danish Navy, the Danish Maritime Authority and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The Maritime Education Council is advisory.


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last modified June 23, 2024