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Other institutions for medium-cycle higher education

Until 2000 there was a large number of specialised independent colleges offering medium-cycle higher education qualifications, mainly Professional Bachelor's degrees.

This category has included teacher training colleges (lærerseminarier), colleges of educator training (pædagogseminarier), colleges of engineering (ingeniørhøjskoler), regional business schools (handelshøjskoleafdelinger), schools of social work (sociale højskoler), schools of nursing (sygeplejeskoler), schools of occupational therapy and physiotherapy, (ergoterapeutskoler, fysioterapeutskoler), schools for medical laboratory technologists (hospitalslaborantskoler), colleges of nutrition and home economics (ernærings- og husholdsningsøkonomseminarier), etc.

A few of these institutions were linked to the university sector insofar as they offered one or more university-level degree programmes, e.g. the Royal School of Library and Information Science.

In 2001 and 2002, most of these colleges became part of centres for higher education (CVUs), either as independent institutions or as partner institutions. From January 2008, the centres for higher education merged into a university college or, in certain cases, into a university.

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