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Professional bachelor programmes

Professional bachelor programmes are professionally oriented, qualifying higher education programmes.

Professional bachelor programmes are normally  awarded  after 3 to 4 and a half years of study (180-240 ECTS points). Professional bachelor programmes are offered at a level corresponding to that of university bachelor programmes, but with a stronger focus on professional practice. Professional bachelor programmes combine theoretical studies with a practically oriented approach in form of mandatory work placement.

Professional bachelor programmes are offered as a full professional bachelor programme or in some fields as a 1½ year top-up (90 ECTS) professional bachelor programme following a relevant Academy Profession degree. 

There are approximately 85 professional bachelor programmes. Professional bachelor programmes exist in the following fields:

Healthcare, Pedagogy, Business and Economics, Information technology, Technology, Media and communication, Social sciences and Design.

Professional bachelor degrees give access to further studies within the same field ( for example Master's programmes within adult education and continuing training or, on certain conditions, specific MA/MSc degrees.

The professional bachelor programmes provide the graduates with knowledge and understanding of practice within the field of applied theory and methodology to a level that qualifies the students to independently analyse, evaluate and reflect on problems in order to carry out practice-based, complex, and development-oriented job functions. 

Admission requirements

General access requirements are one of the general upper secondary school leaving examinations or comparable qualifications. Access may also depend on specific requirements such as a particular subject combination in upper secondary school or a certain level of grades. Admission to some particular programmes requires entrance examination. 

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last modified October 11, 2022