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About the Qualifications Board

The Qualifications Board is an appeals committee for decisions regarding credit transfer and recognition of prior learning in Danish educational programmes.

The Qualifications Board is an independent appeals board which considers appeals against decisions on credit transfer and recognition of prior learning made by Danish educational institutions.

Regulatory framework

The Qualifications Board has been established in accordance with the Assessment of Foreign Qualifications Act:

By Ministerial Order the Minister of Education has laid down detailed rules on the composition of the board, its activities and its rules of procedure:


The Qualifications Board is made up of a chairman and a series of experts who together possess expertise within all the areas of education that come under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Ministry of Children and Education and the Ministry of Culture. In each case, the Board consists of the chairman and at least two experts.


The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science acts as the secretariat of the Qualifications Board.

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last modified June 23, 2024