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Appeals regarding credit transfer of Danish qualifications or study periods

If you have applied for credit transfer at a Danish institution on the basis of a Danish qualification or study period.

What is credit transfer?

Credit transfer means that you are exempted from parts of an educational programme on the basis of qualifications or study periods that you have already completed.

The Qualifications Board can handle your appeal if:

  1. You have applied for admission to or are enrolled in the programme towards which you have claimed credit transfer, and

  2. The programme in question belongs under either the Ministry of Children and Education, the Ministry of Culture or the Ministry of Higher Education and Science apart from university degree programmes.

University degree programmes and other programmes not covered by this complaints procedure are mentioned in the box below about programmes where you cannot appeal to the Qualifications Board.

How to appeal a decision to the Qualifications Board

You should send your appeal to the educational institution that made the decision you are appealing against.

The appeal must arrive at the educational institution within four weeks of your receipt of the decision.

Content of your appeal

Your appeal letter should be addressed "To the Qualifications Board".

In the letter of complaint you should state:

  1. Which body (study board or the like) has made the decision

  2. When and how you were informed of the decision (the date of the conversation or the date of the letter which informed you of the decision)

  3. In what way the decision should be changed, in your opinion, and the reasons for your view.

You should only attach new documentation if you believe that it may change the institution's assessment of your case.

Processing of your appeal

The educational institution may choose to re-assess the case.

If the institution maintains its decision it will forward your appeal to the Qualifications Board with a statement. The Qualifications Board then assesses your appeal and sends you an answer as soon as possible.

The decision of the Qualifications board is the final and conclusive administrative decision. This means that you cannot appeal against it.

The Qualifications Board does not consider complaints about legal aspects

Please bear in mind that the Qualifications Board only considers appeals against the content and the matter of the decision, i.e. about amount of transferred credit you have been awarded.

If you wish complain about legal aspects, please ask you educational institution for advice.

Programmes where you cannot appeal to the Qualifications Board

Credit transfer to a Danish university degree programme

You can appeal against the decision to the Danish university's credit appeals board – i.e. not to the Qualifications Board – provided that you are enrolled in the Danish university degree programme towards which you have claimed credit transfer.

Such a complaint must be filed within two weeks of receiving the decision. The university can tell you more about the complaints procedure.

The rules have been laid down in the Credit Appeals Order:

Other programmes

For programmes that fall under ministries other than those mentioned above, there is no opportunity to appeal to the Qualifications Board. Among others, this applies to:
  • The Emergency Management Agency: e.g. fire fighter.

  • The Ministry of Justice: e.g. police officer.

  • Army / Air Force: e.g. language officer, pilot.

  • The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority: pilot, air traffic controller.

  • Private, non-publicly recognised programmes.

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last modified January 13, 2022