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International research initiatives related to COVID-19

The struggle to mitigate the threat and consequences of COVID-19 is global. On this page you will find information about international - particularly pan-European - efforts concerning COVID-19-related research, innovation and data sharing.

The European Commission 

The European Commission has created a website collecting information on EU and national COVID-19-related calls for proposals and initiatives. 

Among the EU-initiatives is a platform for sharing COVID-19-related research data.


EUREKA is an intergovernmental organisation focused on promoting and coordinating innovation cooperation between member states - which comprises both EU and non-EU states. 

EUREKA has compiled an overview (not complete, but based on information from member states), to give an idea of a range of national initiatives.

Denmark is represented in EUREKA by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (along with Innovation Fund Denmark).


 Eurostars: Information on COVID-19, calls and national initiatives may be found their website.


Danish researchers can also seek support for collaboration with other Nordic countries (plus Estonia and Latvia) on research into COVID-19-related health data. Innovation Fund Denmark supports Danish participation in projects. 

 The deadline for applications is June 16.


 The OECD has created a website on COVID-19 and projects related to COVID-19. For example, all OECD countries have responded to a survey on research and innovation policy initiatives.

Get information through the Danish innovation centres

Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science has innovation centres located in eight different places throughout the world where there are particularly interesting research and innovation environments.

Employees at the centres can advise Danish researchers and companies about current COVID-19 initiatives and about potential partners in their countries. The centres are located in the United States (Silicon Valley and Boston), Brazil (São Paulo), China (Shanghai), South Korea (Seoul), India (New Delhi / Bangalore), Israel (Tel Aviv) and Germany (Munich).


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last modified January 18, 2022