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Assistance centre for recognition of professional qualifications

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science offers information and guidance in its capacity as assistance centre for recognition of professional qualifications

In each EU/EEA country there is an assistance centre where you can get guidance when you wish to have your professional qualifications recognised in order to practise a regulated profession in another member country. The assistance centre in Denmark is the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

We answer inquiries from citizens, companies and authorities both in Denmark and abroad.


Contact the assistance centre:

Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science
Phone: +45 7231 8913
Post: Haraldsgade 53, DK-2100 København Ø


Recognition in Denmark

We can assist foreign professionals who want to work within a regulated profession in Denmark as well as Danish companies that want to hire people with foreign professional qualifications.

We can provide information about the Danish legislation, education and other qualification requirements, professional rules and other conditions for access to regulated professions in Denmark.

We also assist the Danish SOLVIT centre when it deals with complaints from EU professionals who have experienced barriers in connection with establishment in Denmark.

Recognition in other EU / EEA countries and Switzerland

The Danish support centre can help Danish citizens who want their qualifications recognised in other EU / EEA countries or Switzerland for the purpose of establishing or providing services there.

We provide general information on the rights and obligations that Danes should be familiar with when they wish to have access to a regulated profession as an employed or self-employed person in another EU / EEA country or Switzerland. We assist Danish citizens in exercising the rights that the Professional Recognition Directive gives them, if necessary through cooperation with the support centres of the other countries and the host country's competent authorities.

We also answer questions from foreign competent authorities on professions that are not regulated in Denmark, e.g. whether a particular diploma has been issued by a given educational institution.

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