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What information is included in a Certificate Supplement?

A common template has been used for all the descriptions. This template is by and large identical with the template that has been or will be used in other European countries.

The content of a Certificate Supplement

The template includes the following fields:

Title of certificate in Danish

In this field, the exact name of the Danish certificate is stated, eg 'Svendebrev'.

Translated title of certificate

In this field, the name of the certificate is stated in the language chosen, i.e. English.

Profile of qualifications and skills

In this field, the qualifications and skills achieved by those who have completed the programme are listed.

Typical jobs or work functions

This description is to give readers an impression of the jobs and work functions to which the qualifications and skills achieved in the programme give access in Denmark.

Description of apprenticeship mode

In addition to the duration of the education and training programme, the periods spent at training colleges and the periods spent on on-the-job training are stated. In addition, this field contains a brief explanation of the Danish system of alternating education and training programmes.

Level of certificate

In this field, reference is made to an international scale called the ISCED system (link 4). Danish vocational education and training programmes are rated at level 3 in the ISCED system.

Name of awarding body

In this field, the authority which issues certificates and supplements in relation to the vocational education and training programme is stated. It will generally be the relevant professional committee.

Grading system

Generally, both a verbal scale and the Danish 7-point scale (previously the 00-13 scale) are used.

More information is available from

This fields contains the name(s) of one or more bodies which will be able to answer questions and can refer enquirers to other relevant institutions of education, education and training secretariats, and professional committees in Denmark.

Explanatory note

This note explains what a Certificate Supplement is.

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last modified April 30, 2024