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Quality assurance

Danish quality assurance includes accreditation of higher education programmes.

The standard and quality of educational provision in the Danish education system are assured by a number of elements, including:

  • Common rules and guidelines (curricula) specifying the aims, contents and duration of programmes and individual subjects.
  • Testing and examination system, with the use of external examiners.
  • Ministerial approval of provision and inspection in a varying degree within the different education areas.
  • Accreditation of higher education programmes
  • Quality rules, which have been introduced in a number of educational fields.

Private education institutions at primary and secondary level may operate without any state approval. However, if their students are to be eligible for state study grants, the institutions must accept an accreditation procedure.

For all higher education programmes, accreditation is mandatory and a precondition for attaining public funding.


last modified Sep 11, 2018