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EU presents proposal for new framework programme – Horizon 2020

December 01, 2011
The European Commission presented its proposal for Horizon 2020 on December 1st – the new framework programme for research and innovation that will be in effect for 2014-2020. The negotiations for Horizon 2020 will begin during the Danish EU Presidency in the first half of 2012.

The European Commission has paved the way for Horizon 2020 to encompass all existing EU research and innovation programmes. The coming framework programme will also be significantly strengthened by an increased budget of an estimated EUR 80 billion.

The new programme will prepare Europe to tackle great societal challenges like climate change and food security. It should be possible to simplify participation regulations (common regulations) and bring more clarity to the framework programme structure.

The three key areas of Horizon 2020 are:

  • World-class science
  • Industrial leadership
  • Societal challenges

Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard spoke of his delight at the proposal.

– I am delighted that the Commission has now presented its proposal for the new research and innovation framework programme, Horizon 2020. The structure with three key areas will bring renewed focus on the factual cross-sectoral problems that we face. There is also a continued strengthening of scientific basic research. This is a crucial prerequisite for a new dynamic, innovation and development in business. Instruments that further translate new knowledge and research results to innovation, and therefore lead to new products and processes, must be promoted.

– I am very much looking forward to negotiations on Horizon 2020 beginning during the Danish EU Presidency from January 1st 2012, says Morten Østergaard.

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