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EU presents proposal for new framework programme – Horizon 2020
Date of publication: Dec 01, 2011 The European Commission presented its proposal for Horizon 2020 on December 1st – the new framework programme for research and innovation that will be in effect for 2014-2020. The negotiations for Horizon 2020 will begin during the Danish EU Presidency in the first half of 2012.
EU Committee meets Education Minister
Date of publication: Nov 25, 2011 Morten Østergaard met with a delegation from the European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) led by chairman Herbert Reul on November 24th 2011.
New EU education programme to enhance mobility
Date of publication: Nov 24, 2011 The European Commission has presented a proposal for a new education programme entitled “Erasmus for All”, bringing together all EU education schemes. The Commission is paving the way for a considerable increase in the budget to promote student mobility and European educational cooperation.
Nordic cooperation with perspective
Date of publication: Nov 04, 2011 All Nordic ministers for education and research met in Copenhagen on November 2nd to discuss common education and research issues.
Reorganisation of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education
Date of publication: Oct 28, 2011 With higher education gathered under the remit of the Higher Education Ministry, the ministry itself has been reorganised.
New name: Higher Education Ministry
Date of publication: Oct 04, 2011 The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education will informally be known as the Higher Education Ministry, while Morten Østergaard will be known as the Higher Education Minister.
Changes to the Ministry's fields of responsibility
Date of publication: Oct 03, 2011 The former Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has been renamed the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. As a result, the ministry's fields of responsibility have been altered.
Packed house for ministerial handover
Date of publication: Oct 03, 2011 External stakeholders and ministry employees gathered in large numbers at the handover reception for outgoing minister Charlotte Sahl-Madsen and the new minister for research, innovation and higher education, Morten Østergaard.