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Reorganisation of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education

October 28, 2011
With higher education gathered under the remit of the Higher Education Ministry, the ministry itself has been reorganised.

The objective is to ensure a cross-education cohesion and solid administration of central administrative areas such as research, innovation, SU (state education grant) and recognition of education. This requires close cooperation and problem-solving across agencies and between agencies and the department.

The main principles of the new organisation are as follows:

  • Maintain the former model with a relative flat structure – with large agencies and a relatively small department.
  • A strategy and development unit will be created within the department, which will also deal with government-related tasks.
  • The former Danish University and Property Agency and the Danish Agency for International Education will merge to form a new agency.
  • A clear prioritisation of all education marked by a clear organisational outlook.
  • Assigning greater priority to statistical and analytical resources through the creation of an organisation-wide statistics unit, which will be based with the agency that also deals with the SU area; and greater priority to cross-education accreditation within the department and the agency responsible for universities.
  • The establishment of three organisation-wise groups dealing with HR, accreditation and statistics.

Furthermore, there will be close cooperation between the two education agencies with regard to the administration and inspection of institutions.

The reorganisation will be followed up by a detailed organisation of individual agencies and the department within the next week or two.

It is a key condition for the ministry and the new organisation that the work continues to be carried out in close and open dialogue with our stakeholders.

Questions regarding the new organisation can be directed to Deputy Permanent Secretary Nils Agerhus, tel: +45 7231 8030.

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