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Industrial Technologies 2012 concludes with industry recommitting to innovation as the route to economic growth

June 25, 2012
Representatives of European industries have underlined the critical importance of industrial innovation as a route to European economic recovery, and stated their willingness to contribute and engage with governments and the research community to ensure that this is achieved.

This is expressed in a declaration signed the 21th of June 2012 at the Industrial Technologies 2012 conference by the chairs of Public Private Partnerships covering manufacturing, automotive, construction and the process industries. This follows a three day conference in which the economic and societal impact of innovative industrial technologies being developed by these partnerships has been underlined.

The declaration expresses the need for action and commitment from all partners, public and private. Industry will work closely with the research community in an open and responsible manner, and researchers should be willing to take research closer to market. Governments at European and national level will also play a critical role, by designing favorable, consistent and coordinated framework policies.

Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard, says:

– I am very pleased that the Industrial Technologies conference has highlighted the opportunities for partnerships between the public and private sectors. Such partnerships have my wholehearted support.

Flemming Besenbacher, the Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation and a Professor at Aarhus University, one of the partners behind this event, added:

– Europe must become better at translating it’s excellent science into economic and societal benefits, and the commitment of industry to this goal is welcome.

For further information, please contact:

Philip Flores, Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. Email: pge@fivu.dk, tel: +45 2237 1745

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