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Internationalisation of artistic and cultural education

February 07, 2012
The Ministry of Culture has recently published a report on the internationalisation of the artistic and cultural higher education institutions.

The report examines the Ministry of Culture's education institutions as well as the artistic education programmes that are now the responsibility of the Higher Education Ministry.

Minister for Culture Uffe Elbæk says:

– The cultural labour market is already international and will be even more so in the future. It is therefore important that the artistic and cultural education programmes are inspired by the strong and dynamic fields out in the world. This will not only strengthen the professional level among employees but also ensure that young people find the international network that they can draw on in their professional futures.

Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard says:

– The work to internationalise higher education programmes is a key element in the government’s education policy. Students can return with valuable experience from abroad that can contribute to new collaborative relations and new knowledge for the students, education institution and society. I have also noticed the report's recommendation that more students should pursue part of their studies abroad.

About the report's preparation

The report has been compiled in close collaboration wit the Ministry of Culture's rectors. It focuses attention on a number of different aspects of internationalisation and show that there are broad and varied efforts taking place at the institutions. Furthermore, the steering group behind the report has outlined nine recommendations to the institutions to further develop their internationalisation efforts.

For further information please contact:

Head of division Frank Rechendorff Møller, Ministry of Culture, tel: +45 3392 3525.

Press and communications officer Dorthe Skaaning Mathiesen, Ministry of Culture, tel: +45 2276 5116.

Press officer Ingeborg Nielsen, Higher Education Ministry, tel: +45 2211 0200.

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