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Modernisation of the Danish Student House in Paris funded

July 02, 2012
The A.P. Møllerske Støttefond foundation has donated DKK 16 million to the renovation of the Danish Student House in Paris.

Danish students in Paris can look forward to the completion of the thorough modernisation of their hallowed student house, with the installation of bathrooms in all rooms.

The Danish Student House has long been seeking to complete renovation of the building.

The desire for optimal modern conditions for Danish students studying in the city has now become a reality thanks to a DKK 16 million donation from the A.P. Møllerske Støttefond foundation.

Chairperson for the Foundation for the Danish Student House in Paris, Mette Skov, expressed delight at the donation.

– We are both delighted and proud of the very significant donation which will give a meaningful boost to the Danish Student House in Paris. With the modernisation, the House will be able to offer students a modern base as an ideal starting point for interacting with French culture and international students from around the world. The House will also be able to present Danish artists to an international audience in more intimate surroundings, says Mette Skov.

Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard is also pleased with the opportunities that the donate presents.

– It is of great value to Denmark when young people travel abroad as part of their studies. Contact with other students is of invaluable importance for them to benefit from their stay and I am pleased that they will now have even better conditions for developing their network during their stay in Paris, says Morten Østergaard.

The Danish Student House has 48 student residence rooms and since 1932, has offered accommodation primarily to Danish students during their studies in Paris, as well as hosting regular cultural events.

The Danish Student House in Paris

  • The Danish Student House in part of Paris’ international student town, where 40 university residences house up to 10,000 students from 145 countries annually.
  • The House is run by the Denmark Foundation with a board of representatives from the fields of education in France and Denmark.
  • One of these board members is appointed by the Danish Higher Education Minister.

The following foundations have contributed to the modernisation of the Danish Student House:

Knud Højgaards Fond Augustinus Fonden Konsul George Jorck og hustru Emma Jorcks Fond ANT Fonden Nicolai og Felix Fonden Dronning Margrethes og Prins Henriks Fond

For further information please contact:

Chairperson for the Foundation for the Danish Student House in Paris, Mette Skov, tel: +45 3313 2145

Press officer Ingeborg Nielsen, tel: +45 2211 0200

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