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Transcript of video

Kate Curran (00:00)
My name is Kate Curran and I am an exchange student from New York and I am studying song.

Cosmin Cioroiu (00:04)
My name is Cosmin Cioroiu and I am from Romania and I have just finished my Master's education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

Kate Curran (00:15)
So I decided to come abroad to meet new people and make new connections and kind of learn about a different way of doing things.

Cosmin Cioroiu (00:21)
I wanted to enlarge my design horizon and to try new things.

Kate Curran (00:36)
It takes a lot of guts to just operate yourself from one life and transplant yourself into another life that is completely different. It has really showed me that I can do things if I put my mind to them and I can come and live in a completely foreign country to me and successfully navigate.

Cosmin Cioroiu (00:54)
It has really changed me. I have become more independent and it has changed my way of thinking and being, I think.

Kate Curran (01:15)
I feel that it has been very beneficial to me to study abroad because I think it has really opened my eyes to different ways of doing things. And I think that the classical music scene in my country and the classical music scene here are vastly different. And not to say that either is right or wrong, but it is very interesting to me being that classical music is an international market to learn a bit about how things are done here so I can take that knowledge back to my career in the States.

Cosmin Cioroiu (01:49)
I think the network was quite important. I got to know different interesting people and work with them as well. And it has made me more open to different areas of design.

Kate Curran (02:04)
I have met all sorts of people from Denmark, from Sweden, from China, from Japan – all different people from different places in the world that now I know and have connections with. So if I ever need a trio in Italy or something – oh, I know that person and that person so I can easily go there and have a foot in the door to that country and that musical scene.

The end (02:38)

last modified May 16, 2013