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Exchange students in Denmark

May 16, 2013
Every year, many Danish students travel abroad to avail of an international study experience as part of their education programme, and many international students are coming to Denmark to do the same.

Studying abroad provides students with experience of studying in different environments, cross-cultural understanding, an international network and improved language skills. In other words, studying abroad strengthens a student’s professional as well as personal skills.

Kate Curran and Cosmin Cioroiu are international students in Denmark. Kate Curran is originally from New York, but is pursuing part of her studies in classical music and voice at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. The exchange has given her a better understanding of the great differences in classical music between the US and Europe.
Cosmin Cioroiu is a student from Romania. He is studying a 2-year Master’s degree at the Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts. Cosmin Cioroiu chose to study abroad to expand his design horizons. His experience in Denmark has changed his approach to his education and made him more open to different areas within design.

Danish students abroad and international students in Denmark

  • In 2011, 11,863 Danish students studied abroad. Of these, 7,844 were on an exchange for a semester or more, while 4,019 Danish students pursued a full study programme abroad 
  • In 2011, 28,866 international students studied in Denmark. Of these, 8,741 were exchange students and 20,125 studied a full education programme in Denmark.

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