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DKK 5.7 billion in EU funding for research in Denmark

A new report shows that Denmark has had great success with EU funding support. It is so successful that Denmark currently has reached its target of securing 2.5 per cent of the overall budget from the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.

May 08, 2018

Danish research institutions and businesses have secured DKK 5.7 billion in funding since Horizon 2020 began in 2014. This has funded 1336 different projects that have each benefited Danish citizens and businesses in their own way.

The overall share of funding secured by Denmark has now reached 2.52 per cent, meaning Denmark has currently achieved the Government objective of securing 2.5 per cent of the programme's budget.

Denmark retains its tenth-place ranking of countries that have received the most funding from Horizon 2020. When calculated per capita, Denmark ranks second only to the Netherlands.

One reason for the development is that Danish research and innovation environments have done particularly way since the last report within the NMBP area, which includes nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing and processing.

For example, funding has been granted to develop a biotechnological production of pheromones to be used as insecticides. Funding has also been secured to develop a risk assessment system of different types of nano materials. More than DKK 300 million has been secured in total within the NMBP area.

Furthermore, significant funding was secured from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme, which supports research mobility and education, and the from the European Research Council (ERC), which finances groundbreaking research projects of exceptional scientific quality. Denmark has secured at least DKK 2 billion from these two programmes since 2014.

There has been a slight decline within certain programmes that focus on strategic research. For example, in the ”Societal Challenges” pillar, which includes programmes such as energy, bioeconomy and climate – where secured funding dropped from 2.83 per cent to 2.76 per cent since the last report.

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has previously drafted a detailed status overview of Danish participation in the different Horizon 2020 programmes. During the Spring, the Agency will hold dialogue meetings with Danish research and innovation environments on a joint action plan for increased participation in the final period of Horizon 2020, which will run until the end of 2020.

About Horizon 2020:

  • Horizon 2020 is the EU's research and innovation programme, for 2014-2020. The programme has a budget of approx. DKK 558 billion and since 2014, has provided almost DKK 230 billion in funding to a great number of projects. So far, Denmark has secured approx. DKK 5.75 billion from the programme.
  • Among those to receive project financing from the programme, are researchers, companies, entrepreneurs, organisations and regions.
  • EuroCenter, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, and the EU-DK Support network advise Danish applicants about Horizon 2020.
last modified May 08, 2018