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Extended options for SU loans are being resumed

October 28, 2020
As a result of the present COVID-19 restrictions, students are being offered a financial helping hand. This is being done by resuming the options of extended student grants and loans (SU).

Moreover, universities  are being given a grant of DKK 18 million to prolong existing PhD programmes. Finally, DKK 10 million will be added to the Retraining Fund.

The Government, the Liberal Party, the Danish Social-Liberal Party, the Socialist People's Party, the Red-Green Alliance, the Conservative People's Party and the Alternative have agreed on an extension of the financial stimulus packages.

Amongst other things, this agreement entails the resumption of the extended SU loan options for students until January 31, 2021. This means that students in upper secondary education and students in higher education - including students in paid internships - will have the right to take out extra SU loans and completion loans in November and December 2020, and in January 2021.

In terms of money, we are looking at sums up to DKK 6,388 (2020 prices) in November and December 2020 and up to DKK 6,468 (2021 prices) in January 2021, in addition to existing scholarships and SU loan options. In addition, students who have been receiving SU while following their current course of education, but who are currently not entitled to SU nor a completion loan, will be granted a completion loan for a further three months.

In addition, the parties signatory to the agreement have agreed to set aside DKK 18 million in 2020 to co-finance those PhD courses that universities, after a specific, individual assessment, decide to prolong, due to delays connected with COVID-19. The Minister for Higher Education and Science will allot the DKK 18 million for the prolongation of PhD courses on the basis of recommendations from the universities.

Finally, the parties signatory to the agreement have agreed that the Retraining Fund will receive DKK 10 million in 2020. This Fund is intended to give skilled workers who are in employment the opportunity to participate in academy professional degree and diploma programmes within the resort of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Facts about the extra SU loan options:

  • In connection with compensatory packages agreed in the spring of 2020, it was decided to give students the option to take out extended SU loans, as many had lost their student jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • These extended SU loan options granted in the spring expired at the end of August 2020

For further information, please contact:

Ministry of Higher Education and Science's press line: tel. +45 7231 8181.


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