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Restrictions that apply to higher education institutions lifted

January 26, 2022
All restrictions that apply to higher education institutions will be lifted. COVID-19 is no longer a public health issue, and from Tuesday 1 February students and staff can return to normal everyday life.

After an autumn and winter with various restrictions, daily life in educational institutions can return to normal. As of Tuesday 1 February, corona passports, face masks or visors will no longer be mandatory at the country's educational institutions.

- I have been eagerly looking forward to the time when it would be possible to lift present restrictions, both in society at large, and especially, in my capacity as minister, with regard to higher education and the everyday lives of students. Teaching, research and exams have been able to continue, but of course under circumstances more difficult, more virtual and different than normal. Everything will now be a lot easier. At this time, getting various events and social activities under way again is particularly important in terms of general well-being, the study environment and the community spirit in educational institutions. I would encourage educational institutions to support such activities as far as they can, concludes the Minister for Higher Education and Science, Jesper Petersen.

The Epidemics Commission has judged that COVID-19 can no longer be characterised as a 'socially critical disease'. The government has therefore decided to lift the vast majority of the restrictions aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19 in society. However, it is still important to focus on infection prevention through measures such as cleaning, ventilation and hygiene.

This also applies to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, which means that teaching, research and other activities can return to normal. It will also no longer be necessary to organise teaching in fixed classes, to convert exams to a virtual format or to cancel major social events. It will therefore now be possible to relaunch the whole study environment and get the new semester off to a good start. 

For further information:

Queries from institutions of higher education regarding COVID-19 may be addressed to: info-covid-19@ufm.dk.

Press inquiries may be made using the press line of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science: +45 7231 8181.

Students will receive additional information from their educational institutions, which they should contact if they have any questions.

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