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EU collaboration to boost Danish and European research

May 27, 2016
Great societal challenges in the areas of climate, environment and food production among others, require cross-border collaborative solutions, according to a new Danish roadmap that will help strengthen the internal European knowledge market and thereby also strengthen Danish research.

Great societal challenges must be solved using cross-border collaboration. Companies in all corners of Denmark should have better access to the latest research so they may develop new products and procedures. Danish research should continue to strengthen cooperation with some of the world's leading research and innovation environments, including those outside Europe. These are just some of the challenges addressed in a new Danish roadmap for how Danish research and innovation policies can help develop the European Research Area.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs will present the roadmap in Brussels on May 26 and 27 where it will be discussed with other European countries.

The minister emphasises the need to collaborate across borders if we are to strengthen European research and innovation efforts:

- The Government has an ambition to see Danish research at the fore internationally. This requires the use of cross-border collaboration to improve cohesion in the European Research Area. The new Danish roadmap provides guidelines for Denmark so that we, together with other EU countries, can better utilise research. It will create growth and jobs across Europe, says Ulla Tørnæs.

World-class research

The Danish roadmap is being presented at a ministerial meeting in Brussels May 26 and 27, and has been based on the EU's common roadmap which contains seven priority areas: 1) Effective national research systems, 2) jointly addressing grand challenges, 3) effective investment and use of research infrastructures, 4) an open labour market for researchers, 5) gender equality and integration of the gender dimension in research, 6) optimal circulation and transfer of scientific knowledge, and 7) international cooperation.

The Danish roadmap lays out the targets for 2020, as well as  the initiatives and tools Denmark needs to achieve these targets. The roadmap is a living document that will kickstart dialogue on the development of the European Research Area in the Danish research and innovation environment. The roadmap is a national roadmap that should be implemented in collaboration with the various research and innovation environments.


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