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Danish Roadmap for the European Research Area 2016-2020

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Grand societal challenges in areas such as climate, environment and food production must be jointly addressed across national borders. It is one of the topics in a new Danish roadmap that will help to strengthen the internal European market for knowledge and thus Danish research.
: May 27, 2016
: 978-87-93468-08-5
: 2016
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The Danish roadmap will contribute to unfolding the ERA in a Danish context and render visible the priorities established, not least among actors in the research and innovation communities, which is a main setting for the implementation of the ERA. The development of the ERA will be an ongoing process, where the bar for goals to be fulfilled can always be raised and results achieved can create even higher ambitions. The Danish roadmap for the ERA will therefore be a living document, which forms a basis for dialogue on the ERA in research and innovation communities, and which must be revised concurrently with the societal development and the achieved goals.

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