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EUR 300 million to Denmark from EU research and innovation programme

Danish research institutions and companies are successfully applying for and receiving more and more EU funding for research and innovation. Since the Horizon 2020 programme began, a total of 455 projects with Danish participation have begun.

Dec 06, 2015

Denmark has had great success at attracting funding from projects via the EU's research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, according to a new report from the European Commission. Since the programme began in January 2014, Danish researchers, companies and other interests have received EUR 300 million from the programme. The report also shows that the Danish percentage of funding received from Horizon 2020 has increased from 2.3 per cent in March 2015 to 2.57 per cent in November 2015.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Esben Lunde Larsen is pleased with the increasing Danish share:

- This is a really good result for Danish researchers and companies. Now we should focus on maintaining the high level and support the growing awareness of companies across the country about the opportunity to receiving funding from the EU. The funds lead to company growth and not least a job increase in all of Denmark, says Esben Lunde Larsen.

Horizon 2020 comprises three pillars and Danish participation is strongest within the pillars of “Excellent Science” and “Societal Challenges”, where the Danish share is currently 2.83 per cent and 3.47 per cent respectively. However, the Danish share of funding received is lower within the pillar of “Industrial Leadership”, where it is currently 1.39 per cent.

A new analysis of the effects of Danish participation in European research and innovation programmes shows that companies and other stakeholders have had positive experiences of participating in EU research and innovation programmes. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has therefore implemented a network, Horizon 2020-NET, to stengthen the knowledge exchange of different experiences between knowledge institutions and companies, as well as increase stakeholders' awareness of the available opportunities in the research and innovation programme.

About Horizon 2020

  • Horizon 2020 is the EU's framework programme for research and innovation.
  • The programme runs for the period 2014-2020 and has a budget of ca. EUR 75 billion. It offers project financing to researchers, companies, entrepreneurs, organisations and regions among others.

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