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Press releases 2022

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Major award and tribute to five outstanding researchers
Date of publication: Feb 23, 2022 The EliteResearch Awards are presented to five researchers of outstanding international repute who over a broad scientific spectrum contribute new knowledge of vital interest to ourselves and the world around us. The five awards will be presented by HRH Crown Princess Mary and the Minister for Highe
Call to suspend cooperation with Russia and Belarus
Date of publication: Mar 02, 2022 The Minister for Higher Education and Science has written to all educational institutions, calling on them to suspend all educational, research and innovation cooperation with institutions in Russia and Belarus.
48,801 people have applied for a higher education course via quota 2
Date of publication: Mar 15, 2022 At the application deadline of 12 noon today, 48,801 people had applied for a place in higher education via quota 2. As expected, due to COVID-19 and intake reductions, the number of applicants has fallen after two years of record numbers.
New space mission for Andreas Mogensen: First non-US pilot on a SpaceX mission
Date of publication: Mar 24, 2022 The Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen is off on a space mission again. As a pilot this time and on a six-month mission. So far, the astronauts that have been pilots on SpaceX missions have all been Americans; now, for the first time ever, the pilot spot has been assigned to a Danish astronaut.