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The Danish government is ready with a dedicated investment of one billion DKK as first part of a new quantum strategy

June 21, 2023
Quantum technology is expected to play an increasingly important role within fields such as healthcare, the green transition and cyber security.

The first part of Denmark's new Strategy for Quantum Technology – and the one billion DKK investment – is the first step towards ensuring that Danish quantum research continues to be world-class and that we have a solid framework for developing and using quantum technology in the future.

The government wants to invest one billion DKK in research and innovation, following the launch of the first part of a National Strategy for Quantum Technology. Thus, cementing Denmark’s position and commitment in the quantum field. Denmark aims to have one of the world’s leading quantum research environments and to have the ability to effectively convert research into new, usable technology to global challenges.

Christina Egelund, Minister of Higher Education and Research says:

- We have great ambitions for the development and use of quantum technology in Denmark. Danish quantum research is already at the forefront of the international elite and enjoys great recognition. However, to keep up with developments and stay competitive in a growing global race for talent, investments and knowledge, we need to make an extra effort. This is particularly the case because of the security challenges posed by quantum technology. With this strategy and billion DKK investment, we are creating a favorable environment for the development and application of quantum technology in Denmark, raising Denmark’s visibility and engagement in the quantum field.

New program for strategic research and innovation in the quantum field

A key pillar of the strategy is a Strategic Program for Research and Innovation in the Quantum Field. This program is designed to ensure a long-term focus and to inspire scientific breakthroughs and foster early-stage applications of quantum technology, thereby bridging the gap between research and practical, real-world implementation of quantum technology. This will be an important steppingstone for the creation of a strong Danish quantum ecosystem.

Three key focus areas underline the strategy:

  • Long-term and strategic investments in research and innovation
  • International research and innovation collaboration for the benefit of Denmark
  • Improving access to digital research infrastructure


  • With the Finance Act for 2023, DKK 212 million has been allocated to research and innovation in the quantum field. The government's ambition is to maintain that high level for the next four years.
  • In the period 2023-2027, this will mean an allocation of DKK 1 billion.
  • A key pillar of the strategy is a new Strategic Program for Quantum Research and Innovation. The program will support new research projects, knowledge-based innovation and have a focus on supporting more interdisciplinary research and innovation, talent development and strong Danish participation in international research and innovation collaboration.
  • A National Forum for Quantum Technology is being established to support broad collaboration between key players in the quantum field, i.a. about the strategic benchmarks in the strategy.
  • This publication marks the first phase of the National Strategy for Quantum Technology. The second part will be published later and will be a result of a continued dialogue with experts and stakeholders in the field as well as a cross-ministerial cooperation between the Ministry for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Digital Government and Gender Equality.

For further information:

Press inquiries can be directed to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science press phone: +45 7231 8181 or email: presse@ufm.dk

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