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Brazil Invites Denmark to Closer Collaboration on Climate
Date of publication: Nov 21, 2008 On behalf of the Government, the Danish Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Helge Sander, accepted a direct invitation from Sergio Rezende, Brazil's Minister of Science and Technology, to closer collaboration on research and new technology in the climate area.
Science Minister to Visit Brazil
Date of publication: Nov 14, 2008 Danish climate diplomacy prior to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen is set to continue next week.
One in Three International Students Getting Work in Denmark
Date of publication: Nov 12, 2008 More than 30 per cent of international students at higher education courses in Denmark get a job here directly after finishing their education. This is shown by a new analysis from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.
Common Nordic Flagship: Cutting-edge Research within Climate, Energy and the Environment
Date of publication: Oct 28, 2008 The Nordic Ministers of Research have approved a large-scale common Nordic initiative to promote cutting-edge research within climate, energy and the environment.
Denmark to have University Centre in Beijing
Date of publication: Sep 24, 2008 Danish students, researchers and enterprises can now look forward to a Danish University Centre in China's capital, Beijing. Construction of the Centre will start already next year, and it is planned to be finished by 2013.
New Innovation Center Opening Its Doors in Munich
Date of publication: Jun 18, 2008 Closer cooperation is now under way between Denmark and Germany in the area of innovation, research and business. This is the vision today when Helge Sander, Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, opens Innovation Center Denmark in Munich.
Opening for Denmark: Co-hosting European Research Facility
Date of publication: Apr 07, 2008 Competition is afoot for being the host region for a planned European research facility known as ESS. Denmark has a clear interest in the facility being placed in the Øresund region, both in terms of research and business potential.
Danish University Underway in China
Date of publication: Feb 28, 2008 A far greater exchange of Danish and Chinese researchers and elite students is to take place – and preferably in close interaction with the business sector. At the same time, a Danish university in China might be underway.