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Positive Evaluation of Mergers and University Act

December 03, 2009
Science Minister Helge Sander finds the international evaluation of the Danish University Act and university mergers positive and constructive.

An evaluation report from an international panel focusing on the University Act and university mergers in Denmark is being presented today, Thursday 3 December.

– Overall, the report gives a positive evaluation of the mergers and the University Act. It contains interesting assessments and recommendations which we will now circulate for consultation, asking for comments, says Science Minister Helge Sander.
– In particular, I have noticed that in the Panel's opinion, Danish universities deliver research and education of a very high quality. And that, generally speaking, the universities have good conditions under which to work – including the fact that their basic funds represent a share of the universities' financing which is high by international standards.

The Evaluation Panel was chaired by Dr. Agneta Bladh, Rector, Kalmar University. It focused on five themes: University autonomy, codetermination by employees and students, freedom of research, free academic debate, and effects of the university mergers.

– The Panel points out that the framework for codetermination at the universities is in order, but that the university boards should set guidelines that are more binding. And the Panel also finds that while freedom of research is secured, a certain passage in the Act may have negative symbolic implications. I hope that these assessments and recommendations will contribute to creating a constructive debate, says Helge Sander.

In its Report, the Evaluation Panel further concludes that the reforms since 2003 have made the universities stronger and more dynamic institutions, ready to take part in the intensified international competition for students, researchers and funds.

For further comments by Science Minister Helge Sander, contact Information Manager Allan Boldt, tel.: +45 33 92 97 39, abo@vtu.dk.

The report may be downloaded from www.fivu.dk or be ordered on the same site in a printed version. The independent evaluation was carried out by an international panel of experts who received a wide range of background material throughout 2009. The material is available on www.ubst.dk and includes consultant studies, statements by universities and other stakeholders, and factual memos from the Science Ministry.

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