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More than 54,000 have applied for higher education via quota 2

A total of 54,375 people have applied for higher education this year via quota 2 by today's deadline. It is roughly on par with last year's figure whereby 54, 932 had applied by 15 March.

Mar 16, 2017

54,375 people have applied for admission to a higher education programme via quota 2 by this year's deadline of noon on 15 March.

Minister for Higher Education and Science Søren Pind is pleased that young people are availing of the educational opportunities:

- It is crucial that we populate our higher education programmes with students with a strong desire for self-improvement. Education is a resource that fuels a country like Denmark and carries it into the future. As a country, we are dependent on young people pursuing education so that down the line they can use their knowledge and contribute to the labour market. For some, a business academy or a university college is the right choice – for others it is university. But the choice to pursue education is one of the most important choices a young person can make, says the minister.

The quota 2 system is for people evaluated under different criteria than their grade point average from their upper secondary education when they want to apply to university for example.

The overall total applicants to higher education this year will be published in July when the deadline for applications via quota 1 has passed. Last year, approx. 95,000 applied for enrolment to higher education.

Applying via quota 2

  • All applicants for higher education have applied through the portal.
  • The number of quota 2 applicants is a provisional account. The final total will be known next week when those, who for example applied without using a NemID, are included in the account.
  • Developments in numbers of quota 2 applicants are not necessarily an indicator for the overall number of higher education applicants.
  • Via the quota 2 system, applicants are accepted if they meet criteria set by the individual educational institution.

Application and admission in 2017

  • 15 March 2017: Deadline for quota 2 applications, as well as applicants with international qualifications or applicants to programmes requiring an admissions test/interview.
  • 5 July 2017: Deadline for quota 1 applications. The overall total applications can then be accounted for
  • 28 July 2017: All applicants receive a response to their application.

Application and admissions 2016

  • By the 15 March 2016 deadline, 54,932 had applied to a higher education programme. The final account in April showed that the total quota 2 applications were 56,794.
  • The overall total applications via both quota 1 and 2 last year was 94,744.
  • A total of 66,439 people were admitted to higher education programmes.

Higher education applications via quota 2 in the period 2006-2016

2006: 28,779 2007: 27,403 2008: 22,197 2009: 24,622 2010: 32,831 2011: 37,796 2012: 38,683 2013: 50,084 2014: 52,396 2015: 55,415 2016: 56,794

Source: The Coordinated Admission System, Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

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