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Public Research Commercialisation Survey Denmark – Year 2004
Date of publication: Dec 02, 2005 This first survey of public research commercialization in Denmark has been conducted jointly by The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and The National Network for Technology Transfer.
Future Research Infrastructures – Needs Survey and Strategy Proposal
Date of publication: Dec 01, 2005
Annual Report 2004
Date of publication: Nov 01, 2005 The Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty
10 Innovation Accelerating Research Platforms – In brief
Date of publication: Sep 15, 2005 The Danish Council for Strategic Research
Bringing All Talent into Play – More Women in Science
Date of publication: Jun 01, 2005 There are too few women researchers in Denmark. More than half of all university students are women but only one in ten professors is a woman. The Minister for Science and the Minister for Gender Equality's Think Tank on More Women in Research has made its assessment of the nature of the problem.
National review on educational R and D: Examiners report on Denmark
Date of publication: May 25, 2005 The aim of this report is to review Denmark's educational R&D system. It will assess the extent to which the Danish educational R&D system is functioning as an effective means for creating, collating and distributing the knowledge that teachers and policy-makers can draw on.
Evaluation of the Centre Contract/ Innovation Consortium Programme
Date of publication: May 01, 2005 The Innovation Consortium Programme made its appearance in the 2002 budget. It represented a continuation of the Centre Contract Programme with various adjustments to the programme guidelines aimed at making it attractive to even more players – especially small enterprises.
A Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area
Date of publication: Feb 21, 2005 Bologna Working Group on Qualifications Frameworks