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Research Barometer 2009

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The Research barometer is directed towards the world of research, the politicians as well as society in a wider sense.
: May 02, 2009
: 978-87-923-7201-7
: 978-87-923-7202-4
: The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
: 84

About the publication

Danish Research in an international Perspective

Over the past few years the government and Parliament
have significantly increased total public funding for research.

It is crucial for both the world of research and politicians to have access to current knowledge on the range and quality of Danish research. In this way the research policy debate can take place with the best possible factual basis.

The globalization agreement from 2006 thus highlights the importance of increasing research efforts while focusing on research quality.

The Research Barometer 2009 presents the quality of Danish research and the Danish research profile in an international perspective.


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