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Evaluation of The Danish National Research Foundation

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In the evaluation, an international peer review panel, chaired by Dr. Wilhelm Krull, recognises the foundation as a key player in the Danish research system.
: December 16, 2013

On behalf of the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education a panel of five experts from Europe and North America has evaluated the performance of the DNRF and critically analysed and assessed the strategies adopted by the DNRF in its attempts to improve the quality of Danish research.

The main focus of the evaluation is on the Centre of Excellence (CoE) scheme and the impact it has had on the Danish research system. The key topics addressed are the role of the DNRF in the Danish research funding system, research quality, research training and recruitment, internationalisation, the interaction with host institutions, and the governance and management of the DNRF.

The evaluation concludes that the DNRF has had a very positive impact on the quality of research in Denmark and recommends that the foundation is re-funded.

The evaluation is based on a bibliometric study, self-assessment report by DNRF, numerous interviews and desk studies. 

Appendix 5: Bibliometric analyses of publications from Centres of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation

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last modified August 15, 2019