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Analysis about 'Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Activities at Indian Higher Education Institutions'.

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This Analysis from the Danish Innovation Centre in India provides a longitudinal snapshot of the entrepreneurship and start-up activities of Indian higher education institutions.
: January 05, 2016
: 978-87-93151-88-8
: 2016

The aim of the analysis is to inspire Danish higher education institutions and companies to take an interest in the opportunities that India offers in this field. The analysis hopes to provide a quick overview of the institutional landscape as well as easy access to follow up on inspiration from the reading.

The analysis is made up of three parts:

  • First, an introduction to entrepreneurship and start-up activities at Indian higher education institutions and the ecosystem available for such activities in India, establishing the state of the art in India.
  • Second, a presentation of institutions that have been identified to be particularly relevant either because of their outreach, their practices of working with entrepreneurship and start-ups or their business focus.
  • Third, a series of interviews with key informants from institutions that have been selected on the basis of the initial scoping of institutions.

The analysis concludes that entrepreneurship and start-up activities in India have not only grown in numbers and geographic spread, but also in terms of creating a dynamic support system to foster entrepreneurship, enhanced levels of innovation and employment creation. According to Indian informants interviewed for this analysis, there exist, however, a number of threats to the continuing development of the Indian start-up ecosystem because of prevailing social conventions regarding education and career choices  and the relative difficulty of doing business in India. Still, there is general consensus among informants that India has much potential and increasingly also the know-how to become a more innovation-driven economy than is the case today.

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