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Danish Drone Strategy

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Drones and drone technology are new growth areas, with huge commercial potential. The Danish Government’s ambition with this Drone Strategy is to establish a framework for technological and commercial development in the area.
: Oct 28, 2016
: 978-87-93468-32-0
: The Danish Government
: 2016
: 16

In this publication main points of the Danish Drone Strategy are presented.

This strategy focus solely on the civilian use of drones. In the years ahead, this is where most growth in the drone industry is set to take place, and a market in which Danish companies are in a position to compete globally.

The Danish Government presents the following six ambitions to enhance the development and use of drone technology in Denmark:

The Danish Government will:

1. Strengthen research and development efforts within drone technology

2. Work to establish internationally attractive test facilities for drone technology

3. Promote use of drones by the public sector

4. Enhance educational activities for the development and use of drones

5. Enhance Danish participation in international standardisation work in the drone area

6. Promote the internationalisation of Danish drone research and industry


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